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About the ITCILO


The Centre is the training arm of the International Labour Organisation. With over 45 years’ experience of providing training and learning opportunities to policy makers, managers, practitioners and trainers from governments, workers’ organisations and employers’ organisations and other partner organisations who promote decent work and sustainable development, the centre seeks to provide learning and knowledge sharing opportunities in response to the diversified needs, priorities, constraints and learning styles of its partner institutions and their staff.



The main goal of the Centre’s training, learning and capacity-development activities is to strengthen the competencies of institutions which provide services, training and advice to the final target audiences at the country level.  Training is provided in a way that creates an environment where the participants and facilitators mutually profit from the benefits of knowledge sharing. This unique facility located on the banks of Turin’s river Po, uses modern teaching techniques to create a platform for targeted, strategic training that enhances learning outcomes.



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