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Promoting knowledge sharing!

Sharing the knowledge about skills anticipation in adult learning in European Member States

EMSAAL is an initiative that aims to shed a closer light on these topics by creating a forum for knowledge exchange and the possible discovery of new approaches.

In the lead up to the high-level meeting, an information and knowledge sharing area has been created in the web portal. With the aim of gathering and pooling relevant information the platform allows interested experts, practitioners and fellow participants to the high-level meeting to review up-front information and to exchange views and information.

27 dedicated country sections offers background documents on skills anticipation and adult learning of each European Member State. References of national/local institutions that will be attending the meeting in Turin are also available online in order to enable networking activities among participants at national and/or European level.

Please visit the section dedicated to your country in the knowledge sharing area of the EMSAAL web platform!!

You can download documents and provide comments and suggestions or contribute new information and/or data on relevant topics. This process may also act as a base for you to get to know other members of your country network.

Your comments regarding countries other than your own are just as welcome. Your contributions will be processed and published online under each countries' section.

You can also share the preliminary background document on skills anticipation in adult learning that will be presented and discussed during the Turin meeting in September.

Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Please send them to the following e-mail:

See you there!!

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