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Target audience

The initiative brings together specialists and professionals in the area of skills anticipation, adult learning and the upgrading and design of new learning programmes from 27 European countries with the following profiles or institutional backgrounds:

  • decision-makers and experts of relevant Ministries, national training authorities or General Directorates for Vocational Training;
  • Representatives of public and private adult learning related institutions; 
  • Social partners’ representatives (workers and employers organizations);
  • Representatives of professional and sectoral associations;
  • Institutions involved in skills anticipation, such as labour market observatories, labour market information or forecasting;
  • Representatives of regional and local authorities, certification authorities or employment services, dealing with adult learning strategies and policies;
    • Representatives of relevant international agencies
    • Researchers and other interested professionals.


Participation in the high-level meeting

Pre-selected institutions and stakeholders in skills anticipation and adult learning in each European Member States received invitations to the event. For these invited participants, ITC-ILO covered travel and subsistence expenses (air fare, full board and lodging). Accommodation and working meals took place at the ITC-ILO premises (all logistics arrangements for participants have been organized by the event organizer’s staff according to the EC-LLP financial rules.). A limited number of additional places for interested participants were available upon request.

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